Personal & Economic Permaculture PDC Homefun

Before each weekend of our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, we share recommended readings, videos, podcasts, resources, and activities for our permaculture students to explore. It’s more fun than “homework”–and it’s optional–so we refer to it as “homefun.”

This series of blog posts compiles the homefun that we assign throughout our six month PDC course. Each weekend’s homefun corresponds to the topics of that weekend. Learn more about our PDC course and consider joining us here!

Personal & Economic Permaculture




  • Practices for Hope & Connection (inspired by The Work That Reconnects)
  • Personal Niche Analysis (we recommend doing at least the first activity in this packet and sharing it with your design team members to get to know each other’s skills & interests as you begin working on your design together)

Homefun by Weekend

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