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Our courses bring in leading designers and teachers from around the Central California region and beyond, each experts in different areas of permaculture. Courses are held mostly outdoors with an emphasis on hands-on learning. Though each course has a home base local to the Santa Cruz area, many of our courses include field trips to sites in the surrounding area, allowing students a diverse range of experiences.

If you’re new to permaculture, almost any of our courses are a great place to start. Email or call us if you would like some advice on which course to take first.


Permaculture design course

6 weekends in 6 months: April – September & October – March

2-week intensive course every summer

Individual Weekend Attendance Available

Join leading designers & teachers from around the region to explore an ethically based whole-systems design approach that uses concepts, principles, and methods derived from ecosystems, nature connected communities, and other time-tested systems to create human settlements and institutions.


Permaculture skills course

6-month weekend course

April – September & October – March

Individual Weekend Attendance Available

Gain skills and learn best practices to be able to successfully and confidently implement sustainable living projects! Our 6-weekend permaculture skills course focuses on developing practical skills through hands-on learning.


Regenerative Beekeeping

6-month weekend course

March – October

Join us for a beginning level beekeeping practicum grounded in a natural approach to apiculture, with a focus on sustainable hive management, honey production and pollinator health.


Permaculture food forests

6 weekends in 12 months – begins every August 

Individual Weekend Attendance Available 

Gain hands-on skills and build community around growing food. Learn best practices for orchard establishment and management, food forestry, designing year round productive vegetable farms and gardens, and preserving the harvest.

berry leaves

herbalism & medicine-making

6-month weekend course

April – September & October – March

Individual Weekend Attendance Available

Within a supportive community of practice, build your home apothecary to promote vitality, immunity, and resilience to stress. All sessions include plant walks, plant sits and lots of hands-on making & crafting.


advanced permaculture
design course

8-day intensive course – every summer

Join experienced instructors Dave Boehnlein & Dave Shaw to gain fluency with the design process and be able to hit the ground running for any permaculture design project.  Hone a variety of skills useful for improving permaculture designs you’re doing for yourself, family and friends, or in a professional setting.

raspberry flowers

the work that reconnects

A Weekend Retreat with Della Duncan

Every April & October

Join us for a transformational group process that builds motivation, connection, solidarity and vision, renewing the courage to act for the healing of our world. Through a series of creative and experiential exercises, The Work that Reconnects opens space for radical truth-speaking and personal and collective empowerment.

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