Design and Facilitation Services

Ecological Design

Our designs balance beauty and functionality, and are custom designed to meet your goals. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Farm and Garden Design. Whether starting an agricultural enterprise for the first time, or modifying an existing farm, we can help you add economic and social value to any size farm or garden. 

  • Front and Back Yard Edible Landscaping. Would you like to have fruit, vegetables and flowers year round? We love to integrate rainwater catchment and storage, perennial vegetables and flowers, fruit and nut trees, as well as elegant garden structures such as pergolas, rock pathways and terraces, and bamboo trellises.

  • Orchard Care. Do you have overgrown fruit trees, or would you like to plant an orchard at your home, campus or business? We can help!

  • Home-Scale Permaculture and Homesteading. We can help make sustainable living easier by design. 

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World Cafe services

Group Facilitation

We have worked with groups from 2 to 600 people, and from 60 minutes to 6 days, to design and host productive and energizing meetings. Our services include hosting World Cafe, Open Space Technology, and Council sessions, as well as a suite of other practices to suit any occasion or desired outcome.  How might your organization or community host better and more productive meetings? Please contact us!

Personal Development

We provide services to help you thrive, drawing from a wide range of methods and modalities. Contact us if you would like support personally or professionally in any area of your life, including but not limited to sustainable living, personal productivity, community resilience, disaster preparedness, business development, lifestyle and behavioral change, personal and community renewal, soul-centric development, authenticity, intergenerational collaboration, and honoring life transitions.

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counties where we offer services

Areas We Serve

We are based in Santa Cruz however we work throughout the state as well as nationally and internationally.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions about our services.