We Started a Permaculture Farm!

Our Farm

As of April 2022 we are stewards of a beautiful 26-acre farm near Davenport, CA. The land has been managed organically for the past 30 years and now we are transitioning to a regenerative, organic, no-till, mixed vegetable, flower, fruit, herb, and agroforestry farm with a strong emphasis on education. Our farm aims to push the limits on regenerative agriculture to increase biodiversity, resilience, and community.

If you’d like to be an intern on our farm, you can learn more and apply here. Learn about living and working on the farm through WWOOF USA here. Join us and learn how to get a farm started!

Would you like to purchase fresh produce from our farm? We’re now accepting members for our 2024 CSA season! Click here for details.

If you’d like to share information about our CSA with your community, click here for downloadable flyers and descriptions.

Please contact us at info.santacruzpermaculture@gmail.com to inquire about custom growing or volunteering.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Farm

The Santa Cruz Permaculture Farm is new to this beautiful 26 acres and our growing methods will evolve as we transition soil that was cultivated organically, but traditionally, to a no-till, biologically complex ecosystem. Heading into our second full growing season, we’ll use organic methods of pest control, while continuing to integrate compost, worm castings, cover crops, and beneficials to regenerate the soil, increase resilience, and build biodiversity. We welcome CSA members for a farm tour to learn more!

Our farm hosts many events, including dinners, potlucks, internships, classes & more. CSA members will be invited to a tour at a pre-season event and will continue to have many opportunities to join us throughout the year.

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