Month: April 2019

Rainwater Harvesting Principles

This series of blog posts about Rainwater Harvesting is provides an overview of some of the key practices. The series is informed and guided by the book Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Brad Lancaster’s approachable and inspiring work on the topic of rainwater harvesting. This is blog post one of three in this series by Giovanni Castaldo.

Harvest Report for California Ecosystem Restoration Council 2019

In a rustic yet comfortable meeting room on a rain-nourished green landscape in California, critical conversations emerged like vibrant wildflowers blooming into being. Person after person stood at the front of the room to passionately announce a topic they were taking responsibility to host a conversation about. The energy in the room was hopeful, buoyant, and full of anticipation for what next steps and actions might be collectively harvested.

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