Permaculture, an Introduction & Overview [Video]

What is Permaculture?

David Shaw gave an introductory talk about permaculture during a workshop hosted by Sustainable Solano in August 2017. David is Santa Cruz Permaculture’s Director & Lead Designer.

The video and slides from his talk are available below, as well as on our Youtube Channel. To receive updates when we post new videos, please click the red Subscribe button here.

Topics in this video include the ethics and principles, as well as examples from different elements of the permaculture flower.

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About Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano recently expanded its Sustainable Backyard Program to the City of Fairfield. It launched a series of public education classes and workshops on sustainability, community resilience, and sustainable landscaping. On August 26, 2017, Fairfield residents attended the first of these events, a permaculture talk with David Shaw. Attendees listened as he defined and illustrated natural landscape and social and economic permaculture principles. Learn more on the Sustainable Solano website.

For updated information about our next Design Course, please visit this page on our website.

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