Home-Scale Permaculture & Alumni Participation in the PDC: PDC Reflections [Part 5/8]

This series of eight blog posts by Melissa Ott about the Santa Cruz Permaculture fall-winter 2017 Permaculture Design Course was originally posted on the Green Gal blog in April 2017.

Weekend Four: January 14-15, 2017

Unfortunately, I had to miss this weekend for a work retreat, but I know that the group visited the UCSC Chadwick Garden to learn about home-scale permaculture, designing edible landscapes, and crop planning. They also attended a scion exchange hosted by the California Rare Fruit Growers to learn about fruit tree grafting. Finally, the class also completed a hands-on natural building project at the NEST.

Although I missed this weekend with my cohort, I will be able to make up the weekend during the next six-month course at no additional cost.

In fact, PDC alumni are encouraged to attend future PDC weekends with Santa Cruz Permaculture even if they were present for that class with their cohort. This provides a great way for alumni to get a refresher on a topic that they might be working on in more depth.

Alumni are also invited to serve on the “Acorn,” the team of assistants that help David prepare for classes, co-teach certain lessons, and support the learning community of the PDC cohort.

Nine images from the Chadwick Garden at UCSC, including cats, roses, flowers, and a quote by Alan Chadwick

Photo by Lauren Lindenbach

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