Decolonizing Permaculture

Liberation Permaculture recently shared a series of 10 images on social media about decolonizing permaculture. With permission, the images and the original post are shared below.

Thank you so much to the contributors of this post for creating and sharing such vital critiques, resources, and perspectives. We are listening, learning, and committed to decolonizing permaculture even more deeply in our programs. The commitments in this post are excellent, concrete ways for those of us who teach and practice permaculture to take action–and this is only the beginning, as the post reminds us. We recommend following Liberation Permaculture and the contributors listed below to continue learning and taking action. 

As this post states: “There will be no permaculture revolution until it is accessible to all and invites the most marginalized voices to articulate permaculture in their own terms.”

– The Santa Cruz Permaculture Team

Original Post Caption

This is just the start of an ongoing conversation and commitment to justice, decolonization, and liberation within the permaculture movement. We are passionate about permaculture as a tool for creating a more beautiful world and recognize that at this moment, it is not accessible or welcoming to all. 

We are a diverse group of leaders who are committed to making deep and lasting change. Check out our other posts on ‘What is Permaculture?’ and ‘What is Social Permaculture?’.

To follow along with our journey and this conversation, follow @liberationpermaculture and the contributors to this piece:


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