Bioneers World Cafe 2019: Resources & Notes

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for sessions at the World Cafe tent at the National Bioneers Conference October 18-20, 2019! We are grateful for the opportunity to learn, discuss, and engage with you about so many important topics in today’s world–including community organizing, ecological justice, education and collaborative solutions, food forestry and herbalism, divestment from fossil fuels, climate justice, humanizing artificial intelligence, strengthening local economies, community wealth building, and more!

Notes & Opportunities to Connect

We have compiled and organized the abundance of inspiring notes, resources, and opportunities that folks shared on the interactive boards in the World Cafe tent. We encourage you to review these documents, even and especially if you weren’t at the conference.

  • Bioregional Organizing Notes: Events, classes, organizations, and other resources, organized by bioregion. Find your community & get connected!
  • Requests & Offers: During the conference, we invited folks to share any requests they had of the community as well as offers. Take a look at what folks are seeking and sharing.

Resources from World Cafe Sessions & Speakers 

In addition to the many resources that attendees shared, we are also sharing resources from the many speakers at the World Cafe tent who inspired and educated us about their work and how we can get involved.

Do you have additional notes, photos, and resources to share from the conference? Please send them to us and we can update these conference notes. 

Thank you! We hope you are feeling rejuvenated, full of hope and inspiration, and motivated to continue doing your work in the world to support a more just and sustainable future.

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