Join Our Permaculture Village


Building a thriving community of practice together!

THE PERMACULTURE VILLAGE is the central fire for our community. It’s a place for:

  • Sharing the best resources from our courses, mentoring programs, events and meetings

  • Meaningful conversation threads and groups

  • Social networking

  • Bioregional community organizing

  • Right livelihood and social entrepreneurship

Community Permaculture Calls

Practice permaculture each week at our ‘village campfire’ of ongoing interactive group calls

Hosted by experienced permaculture mentors including Santa Cruz Permaculture founder David Shaw

One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is a long term commitment whereby both parties care about the positive outcome of the other and are self-aware that they are each learning from the process. In that sense it is always ‘co-mentoring’ and reciprocal. The mentor gives you focused time and attention to work towards the goals you set out for. Drawing from decades of competence and skill-building in permaculture, we are here to support you in bringing forth your unique gifts whether it be in your home, a farm you’d like to start, a community project, political or social transformation, or personal development.

Join The Permaculture Immersion at our new farm!