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Since 2015, when Santa Cruz Permaculture was founded, we’ve graduated over 400 students and reached 1,000s of people through our events. A far reaching community of practice has evolved. We’ve supported:

  • The development of 4 permaculture education sites, and dozens of farms, homesteads, and intentional communities not only in Santa Cruz County but also in the greater SF and Monterey Bay bioregions

  • Free monthly permaculture guild meetings, and meetups at permaculture convergences and related conferences such as the Bioneers and Ecological Farming Conferences

  • Access to free permaculture resources, including tutorials for:

    • Fruit tree care & designing food forests

    • Creating water retention landscapes

    • Alternative economics – community land trusts, public banking and more

    • How to create a permaculture guild in your community


Santa Cruz Permaculture is now at a turning point about to enter an exciting next stage of our evolution. We’ve been considering how to step up our bioregional community-building efforts while sustaining ourselves financially so that we have the capacity to do so. We invite you to become members in our new interactive online community, the Santa Cruz Permaculture Village, for a small fee that sustains the site and staffing. We feel this is a regenerative economic model that allows us to sustain the development of this community resource. The site is a place for meaningful conversations to inspire and support positive social and ecological change in our communities. It’s a way to help the network see itself, build new connections, build our knowledge base, and move collaborative projects forward.


THE PERMACULTURE VILLAGE is the central fire for our community. It’s a place for:

  • Sharing the best resources from our courses, mentoring programs, events and meetings. We will build a rich knowledge base here over time of the best practices, best places and people to source from, and links to the many other communities doing this work. Students get access to the site for free while they are in our programs so there will always be an influx of new activity and fresh knowledge.  

  • Meaningful conversation threads and groups. Anyone can initiate a conversation or group to build momentum over time as new people join. We hope this will support ongoing inquiries about basic topics like mulch and compost as well as more complex social initiatives such as alternative economic or public policy projects.  

  • Social networking. This is a good place for sharing permaculture housing and work opportunities, meeting like-minded friends, sharing community gatherings, and inviting people to work parties and Permablitzes.   

  • Bioregional community organizing. We’ll use this as a place for building a comprehensive bioregional directory (like a “Green Pages”) about what resources we have and how to access them, what’s currently missing, what entrepreneurial opportunities exist, and how we can become a more resilient community together. 

  • Right livelihood and social entrepreneurship. We hope to support social entrepreneurs launch new businesses, collectives, nonprofits, and government-funded programs to address the gaps in our community. Let’s support one another in building our right livelihoods, and making contributions which are uniquely ours that serves the good of the whole.  


We acknowledge that permaculture contributes to and draws from a rich tapestry of earth care and people care traditions spanning human geographies of space and time. It is simultaneously new and not new. We hope our community of practice will help permaculture evolve in our region to serve the Great Turning – the move from an industrial growth society to a truly regenerative, life-sustaining society – which so many communities are working towards in far-reaching, vital, and diverse ways. By amplifying the on-the-ground permaculture work in our community through greater resource sharing and cross-pollination amongst ourselves we will also cross-pollinate and affect change in the larger fields in which we are embedded. We need each other as we step into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Join Us

What if, in addition to the free benefits we’ve been able to provide and will continue to provide, you could, for a small fee, support the financial sustainability of Santa Cruz Permaculture as we continue to evolve into what’s needed in these times? You can by subscribing to the Santa Cruz Permaculture Village!

$90 / year

$30 / quarter

$15 / month

Your subscription is set to auto-renew and you can cancel at any time

Join us! Please email if you have any questions. See you in the village!

Our courses & services are still happening thru a mix of on-site and on-line learning.