Community Development

Land Stewardship

We are coalescing a group of ecologically-minded donors and investors collaborating to create a network of land-based living and learning community throughout the county. We will purchase our first property together in 2016, and continue to expand the network of properties as appropriate. Please contact us if you are interested in donating or investing in our business plan, which includes the purchase of the following properties in Santa Cruz County, in order of priority:

  • 2 acre urban garden, within 15 minute drive of downtown Santa Cruz

  • 5 acre demonstration farm site, within 15 minute drive of downtown Santa Cruz

  • 30 acre production farm site, in south Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Permaculture Guild

Do you live in Santa Cruz County, or frequent the area? Join our mailing list, and the Santa Cruz Permaculture Guild Email List to stay in touch! We meet about once a month to plan work parties, policy changes we’d like to implement, and to share resources.

Santa Cruz Village Building Convergence

Would you like to participate in, or help plan a week long urban permaculture gathering focused on public placemaking, reclaiming the commons, natural building and community gardening in Santa Cruz?  Please join our mailing list to stay in touch about VBC Santa Cruz developments.