Hoshigaki season starts around Thanksgiving and runs until we’re sold out. If we’re sold out, preorder for the upcoming season!

A rarity known as “the Kobe beef of fruit,” these delicacies are grown and processed in Santa Cruz County. After carefully harvesting, peeling, and hanging them, they air dry for a month or more, and receive a hand massage every few days to bring out their sugars.

Each box contains 1 lb of hoshigaki, which is 8-13 fruits depending upon their weight. The 1/2 lb bags typically have 4-6 fruits.

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How long will they keep and how should I store them?

As a sweet and dried fruit, Hoshigaki have a very long shelf life. While we find that the flavor and texture are best right when they are finished drying, and for the 2-3 months following, they certainly can be enjoyed much later. Storing them in airtight glass jars is not only a beautiful way to display your Hoshigaki but also keeps them from drying out or taking on moisture. This will extend their shelf life. Additionally, Hoshigaki freeze and thaw very well without losing their texture and flavor. We’ve had Hoshigaki from the freezer 12 months after they were initially dried and they still look great and are delicious!

What’s that white stuff on my hoshigaki persimmons? Are they moldy?

We get this question a lot. But never fear! Your hoshigaki are not moldy. Quite the opposite – the white stuff is natural sugar that has come out of the fruit to form a powdery coating. This is how you know your hoshigaki are at their very best and ready for you to gobble them up.