Herbalism Session 4: The Herbal Garden (July 13-14, 2024)

  • Get to know characteristics and ideal growing conditions for different plants.
  • Dig into soil microbiology and structure, the carbon cycle, and how water moves in soil.
  • Learn about holistic pest management, beneficial insects, and supporting your local biome.
  • Differentiate between growing habits of annuals, biennials, and perennials and how to plan your garden thoughtfully.
  • Explore the many methods of propagation and what works best for particular plants.
  • Learn about watering and nutritional needs, the importance of mulch, and the basics of building rich compost.
  • Discover the benefits of biodiversity and closed-loop gardening.
  • Gain hands-on experience seeding, transplanting, pruning, and harvesting herbs.

This one-weekend course is part of a six-weekend course series: Herbalism & Medicine-Making. Sign up for this single weekend below or check out the whole series here.

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