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As of April 2022 we are stewards of a beautiful 26-acre farm near Davenport, CA. Santa Cruz Permaculture’s growing methods will transition soil that was cultivated organically, but traditionally, to a no-till, biologically complex ecosystem. Now in our first full growing season, we use organic methods of pest control, while beginning to integrate compost, worm castings, cover crops, and beneficials to regenerate the soil, increase resilience, and build biodiversity. Let us provide you with beautiful, nourishing, local, and sustainable produce. If there’s anything you’d like us to grow for you, please contact us at

Our price list is updated weekly and produce is available for Friday pickup and delivery. Other harvest days can be arranged upon request. Click here to subscribe to a weekly email of our current price list (no spam ever, we promise!).

The view of the sunset and Ano Nuevo Island from the high point on our Permaculture Farm. A sense of natural abundance and peace is pervasive across this beautiful land we are so lucky to steward.

Join us October 7th on the farm for a celebratory fall harvest dinner and festival!