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Restoring Watersheds & Soils: PDC Reflections [Part 3/8]

This series of eight blog posts by Melissa Ott about the Santa Cruz Permaculture fall-winter 2017 Permaculture Design Course was originally posted on the Green Gal blog in April 2017.017. Weekend Two: November 5-6, 2016 The second weekend of the Santa Cruz Permaculture Design course, we explored watersheds, water catchment, understanding climate and microclimates, and […]

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Herbalism & Medicine-Making: Session Two

Tinctures extract and amplify herbal constituents and their actions, so even a single drop was enough to set off cascades of sensory experience from the moment the tincture touched the skin. This was a solid reminder of how much respect, consideration, practice, and specificity is called upon in working with herbal medicine.

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Farm Price List

Wholesale Farm Produce As of April 2022 we are stewards of a beautiful 26-acre farm near Davenport, CA. Santa Cruz Permaculture's growing methods will transition soil that was cultivated organically, but traditionally, to a no-till, biologically complex ecosystem. Now in our first full growing season, we use organic methods of pest control, while beginning to integrate [...]

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Regenerative Beekeeping

Regenerative Beekeeping A comprehensive approach to beekeeping, pollinator habitat, and biodiversity Santa Cruz Permaculture Farm 6 weekends over 9 months Weekend One Workshop: Overview of Beekeeping February - October, 2024 Have you ever wanted to learn the skills needed to produce your very own honey? Interested in producing your own beeswax, pollen or propolis?  Have [...]

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Join us October 7th on the farm for a celebratory fall harvest dinner and festival!