Permaculture Design Course

Two Courses Each Year:

April to September & October to March

Includes 110 hours of hands on activities, field trips and presentations

Enroll in the 6 month course, or choose specific weekends

  • Permaculture Design & Nature Awareness

  • Social Permaculture

  • Restoring Watersheds & Soils

  • Home Scale Permaculture: Creating Natural Homes and Edible Landscapes

  • Broad Scale Permaculture: Integrated Animal Husbandry and Forest Management

  • Community Development, Ecovillages, and Design for Mitigating Disaster

systems change

Systems Change & the Next Economy

Regenerative Design for People & the Planet

January – April 2019

  • Define Right Livelihood & reflect on one’s personal Right Livelihood

  • Further identify your vocare, or calling, and ways to move toward it

  • Apply the reflective process of the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects to one’s role in The Great Turning

  • Examine how permaculture design can support the development of regenerative economies

  • Explain the core function and purpose of “economics”

  • Illustrate the inextricable relationship between economics, ecology, and people

  • Explore various alternative economic systems, including Buddhist economics, gift economies, and doughnut economics

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the money and banking system in the U.S.

  • Examine how finance and investing can align with your values and support a local, resilient economy

  • Assess alternative economic tools and business models, including complementary currencies, timebanks, land trusts, and cooperatives

  • Challenge the assumptions and connotations of “economics” common in U.S. society

Reimagining the City:
Urban Placemaking for Cultural Transformation

A City Repair Workshop with Mark Lakeman

March 30, 2019

  • Join us for a workshop about building inclusive, sustainable, and resilient communities one block at a time!

  • Draws on case studies of successful large-scale projects from places like Portland, Oregon

  • Demonstrates a proven model for engaging the public in the co-creation of thriving, resilient communities

  • How and where do communities grow? How can growth happen while preserving the integrity of neighborhood life?

  • How can placemaking address and involve those who are experiencing homelessness and houselessness in our community?

  • What are other added benefits we can integrate into placemaking in our cities, such as sustainable design that sequesters carbon, recharges groundwater, provides permanently affordable housing, and sustainable transportation?

  • What will we do by 2030 to create community resilience in the face of climate change? What can citizens and neighborhoods do right now, and what are successful strategies for working with government and businesses?

  • And more!


Herbs for Stress, Stamina, Sleep & Relaxation

May – June 2019

Join two seasoned herbalists to discover tools and techniques to help you thrive in a busy world.

  • Discover herbal allies to help you find balance and health in our challenging modern world

  • Learn how to make, source, and use many herbal medicines

  • Explore herb categories including Adaptogens, Calmatives/Sedatives, Aromatics, Qi Tonics, and Harmonizers that can be grown in our gardens or sourced locally

  • Discuss the crucial role diet and nutrition play in promoting our vitality, immunity, and resilience to stress

  • And more!